Debt collection in Netherlands

Your client from Netherlands does not pay? Leave the problem to us and sit back!

Debt collection in Netherlands can be a challenging task for you but not necessarily for us – Collecting debt from a company located in the Netherlands doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think. Our international debt collection law firm, together with our local partners, will pursue your Dutch debtors efficiently and quickly, ensuring you receive a maximum return. We speak the local language, hence no communication barriers, and have decades of experience recovering debt in the Netherlands and around the world!

Collecting Debt In Netherlands Through An International Law Firm

Eilat Law is by your side when you find yourself dealing with a debtor in the Netherlands who isn’t paying their debt.

Trying to recover your debt by yourself may be problematic since you’ll have to work around Dutch laws that are most likely foreign to you. Our international debt collection law firm solves this problem, providing you a referent who will individually manage your case.

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Do We Have To Go To Court Immediately?

Not at all. The legal system in the Netherlands has a step in between that is called the extrajudicial procedure, which allows us and our partners to contact the debtor and pressure them to complete payment.

What If I Pay And No Money Is Collected?

No worries here. One great benefit to working with Eilat Law is that we only collect payment after successfully recovering your debt, as long as it’s in the pre-court proceeding. If we decide to take the matter to court, we’ll discuss the associated charges beforehand.

How Long Does The Entire Process Take?

That depends on numerous factors. No two cases are identical. It may range from a few days to over a year. However, there is one thing we can promise you – we get to work immediately and do our best to get your debt recovered as fast as possible. No time is wasted on our part!

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