Debt collection in Japan

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Debt collection in Japan

Debt collection is a process that includes recovering payments that are owed by businesses or private individuals. Debt collection in Japan consists of a few steps, which usually begin with a negotiation phase to avoid litigation proceedings if possible. Eilat Law has decades of experience as an international debt collection law firm in collecting debt in Japan. We can help you recover debts fast by first negotiating with the debtor and commencing the required legal action if the opposing party refuses to pay.

Debt collection in Japan without risks

Our law firm can help you with complete legal services for handling debt collection in Japan. We will help you initiate your debt collection process in Japan, both in the extrajudicial phase and in court.

We tend to approach each case individually. Special consideration is provided when the debtor is a company that’s facing bankruptcy.

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We Help Recover What Is Yours

We are proud of our experience and record of successfully pursuing the collection of all kinds of outstanding debts and obligations in Japan. Regardless of the debt type, or where exactly it was undertaken in the country, our office and local partners use every method available to recover your funds.

We work on a “no collection – no fee” basis, collecting a fee only if we successfully enforce the debt payment (in pre-court procedures).

A Trusted Partner That’s With Your Every Step Of The Way

Our law firm and international partners have decades of experience taking care of every aspect of debt collection in Japan, from initial research of your debtor to enforcing the payment order acquired from a Japanese court.

We get to work as soon as we receive all of the relevant information from our client, and aim to get your money back AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Our partners contact your debtor in Japanese, which allows us to save precious time on unnecessary translations.

We are very serious when it comes to protecting our clients’ interests and have the ability to pursue all legal avenues to make sure we recover what is owed.

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