Industries Served

We Serve The Following Industries Worldwide:

Our firm strives to offer the best and most helpful solutions to clients from all relevant fields.

Currently we cater for the international requirements of the following industries:

Creditors in Need of International Debt Collection
  • Exporters of all types of goods and services
  • Credit companies
  • Banking industry
  • Insurance companies including Export Insurance
  • Transportation Industry
  • Healthcare companies
  • Education organizations | Read more
  • Municipalities and local government | Read more
  • Shipping companies
  • Tourist organizations
  • Collection agencies
Public Sector

Government ministries and local governments having overseas unpaid debts or other overseas issues.

Legal Profession, and Accounting firms

We cooperate with attorneys, accountants and consulting firms worldwide and offer the following services:

  • Recognition and Enforcement of foreign judgments (Exequatur)
  • Assistance in expanding the range of services they offer to their clients by offering to solve their clients’ problems overseas.
  • Professional opinions and consultations in matters of private international law
  • Technical assistance in overcoming overseas related problems: translations, skip-tracing, service of documents, credit reporting, asset searching.