Debt collection in India

Your client from India does not pay? Leave the problem to us and sit back!
Debt collection in India

India itself, and consequently, the field of debt collection in this country, differs from other countries in many ways. Yet, our proven knowledge of Indian debt collection laws and procedures enable us to  overcome these challenges  easily. Let Isaac Eilat Law Offices successfully collect the amounts owed to you, fast and cost free.

Have your invoices been left unpaid in India? Our debt collection specialists are eager to start on your case and get it settled.


Isaac Eilat  Law Offices has partners in more than 100 countries around the world, and India is one of them. Our local  partners approach your Indian debtor in their own language and take advantage of our vast knowledge and experience in the debt collection field to collect your debt from them-fast.!.

Our lawyers & specialists know the Indian local business and cultural traditions like the palm of their hands, ensuring the right approach to handle your payment claim.

Our debt collection experts have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to make sure you receive  the payment you deserve in the most efficient way possible. We know our way around getting things done in India!

The Initial Process Of Debt Collection In India

  • Initial research and investigation on the defaulting party, including a credit check, asset research, and more.
  • Tracing & verification of the address and status of the debtor involved.
  • Combination of written and verbal correspondence.
  • Issuance of a demand notice and legal notice if required.
  • Follow-up by emails, telecom, house-visits and face-to-face meetings.

Isaac Eilat Law Offices attempts to reach a fast  settlement by following our negotiation principles, including identifying and clarifying issues, developing settlement options, assessing the debtor’s motivation, entering a settlement agreement, and finally monitoring the settlement’s execution.This is at no  upfront cost to you. Our fees are dependent on success and calculated from the actual collection. The only  possible costs are charges by third parties such as skip-tracers- if required!

Should an amicable settlement not be reached, we’ll assess the situation and will give you our honest opinion if initiation of court proceedings will be worthwhile in your case. We’re not interested in making you spend unnecessary money. If a court claim isn’t sought after, we’ll close the case in our office with no fees whatsoever!

Allow our established firm and our Indian team to handle your case. Get in touch for an initial free-of-charge consultation. Contact us today and your debtor will hear from us tomorrow!

Contact us today and your debtor will hear from our representative in his country TOMORROW!
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