Debt collection in Germany

Your client from Germany does not pay? Leave the problem to us and sit back!
Debt collection in Germany

Are you currently dealing with a German debtor who consistently refuses to pay your  invoices?

Hiring a debt collection in Germany law firm is the most reliable, effective and fastest way to get your money .Our collection specialists, including expert lawyers in creditors’ rights, have the knowledge and experience of debt collection laws and regulations in Germany. As our German team contacts your debtor in his language, communication is no more a barrier.

Isaac Eilat Law Offices – Efficient Debt Collection in Germany

If you’re in the frustrating  position of being owed money in Germany , you can count on our law firm to provide specialized advice and quick  assistance in order to achieve a fast successful outcome- at no upfront fees!.

You can rely on our local  lawyers and collectors  to help in the following::

  • Pre-court debt-collection processes during which we make verbal contact with the debtor..
  • Prepare the required documents , in line with German regulations, to be served on the debtor during the pre-court procedure.
  • Send relevant notifications and maintain contact with the debtor in order to reach an agreement for a straightforward payment of debt.
  • If necessary,submit a court claim .
  • Support you during the entire court proceedings and provide legal representation before the court.

Why Call Isaac Eilat Law Offices  for Debt Collection in Germany?

  • Our pre-court debt collection is risk-free. You only pay us for successful results! (“no collection-no fee”)
  • Debt collection experts on site in Germany who speak German and can collect your invoice locally.
  • If necessary, our German attorneys have the required local  legal permits in each of the German federal states  to submit claims, which highly raise the debtors’ willingness to pay…
  • No time wasted! We manage your case smoothly and quickly, updating you on your case through an assigned referent who is always available!
  • We monitor our collectors in Germany closely, ensuring all of your interests and our values, local  ethics, and Germany’s laws are met!
  • Our goal is simple – to recover your debt in the fastest way possible!

Don’t waste time looking for a debt collection agency. Hire Isaac Eilat Law Offices to handle your debt collection in Germany from A to Z!

Contact us today and your debtor will hear from our representative in his country TOMORROW!
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