Debt collection in South Korea

Your client from South Koreadoes not pay? Leave the problem to us and sit back!
Debt collection in South Korea

Debt collection in South Korea – You have unpaid debt from a Korean company or individual. The Korean counterpart isn’t replying or refusing to pay the debt you’re owed. Don’t feel hopeless and frustrated in the face of language barriers and local laws – let Eilat Law recover your debt with our decades of expertise and local partners!

The Korean counterpart may be refusing to pay his debt in the hope that the long distance between you and him works in his favor. As long as we’re around – it won’t!

Our international debt collection law firm works with local lawyers and partners who are familiar with Korean litigation and will guide you throughout the entire process of debt recovery in South Korea. We’ll assign an individual contact partner who will inform you of all updates in your case and provide regular reports.

Debt collection in South Korea without risk

1.   Costs – No Win No Fee!

We’ve been handling debt collection for a while, so we know a thing or two about collecting debt the right way. As a matter of fact, we are so confident in our ability to recover your debt in South Korea that we only accept payments after your debt is recovered. ZERO risks to our clients!

2.   South Korea Coverage

South Korea is separated into several administrative divisions. Seoul is the capital city and the country’s most populous region. We have local partners in Seoul and other cities who speak the local language and are aware of local laws. We don’t handle your case virtually, but have real people on the ground taking care of your debt in South Korea!

3.   Monitor Your Case Carefully

Once we take on your debt collection case and start working with our local partners – we make sure to monitor them throughout the entire process. We call daily and make sure everybody is on top of things!

4.   We Work FAST

If you’d ask our previous clients what separates us from other debt collectors, you’ll most likely hear about our speed. Our international law firm doesn’t waste time – we begin the process as soon as we get the green light from our client. Our goal is to get your debt recovered in as little time as possible.

Work with a reputable international debt collection law firm and give Eilat Law a call. We’d be happy to go over your case in our free-of-charge first discussion!

Contact us today and your debtor will hear from our representative in his country TOMORROW!
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