Debt collection in China

Your client from China does not pay? Leave the problem to us and sit back!
Debt collection in China

For those unfamiliar with China’s laws and customs, culture, and languages, Debt collection in China may seem impossible. Using a debt collection law firm like Eilat Law, which is fluent in China’s customs and laws, makes debt recovery a much simpler process.

Eilat Law provides on-the-ground representatives in China who are knowledgeable and experienced with debt collection practices in China and who work to support complete recovery of your funds.

Ever since 1985, Eilat Law has served as a reliable international debt collection law firm, helping businesses collect their unpaid accounts worldwide. With a vast knowledge of debt collection in various industries worldwide and specifically in China, our experienced team and international experts collect your debt rapidly and effectively so that you can get back the money you are owed. We get to work as soon as you give us the green light to do so – we don’t waste time!

With offices in over 100 countries, including China, working with Eilat Law gives you access to a worldwide network of nationally licensed debt collectors. We possess an in-depth understanding of local Chinese customs, laws, and cultures, ensuring optimal debt-mediation outcomes.

Debt Collection In China With Eilat Law

Eilat Law’s dynamic law firm has:

  • Clients from all industries
  • Local representatives in every country we work with, including China, who use their expert local legal knowledge to suggest various legal options to recover your debt rapidly. Since our representatives in China can speak the local languages, no time will be wasted on unnecessary translations!
  • An initial amicable approach will be decided on together with the client, as well as assertive legal action options and enforcement procedures (should it come to that)
  • Strict ethical principles as a respected law firm that ensures your capital is in safe hands. We practice methods that are in line with international and local laws, ensuring your reputation isn’t hurt.
  • Great value in forming personal relationships with clients. We and our representatives will start work immediately as soon as we receive your claim. You’ll get an individual referent who you could reach directly to answer any of your questions and who will provide timely reports of your case.
  • A success-oriented approach. We aim at the final goal of collecting your debt as soon as possible. You’ll pay no upfront fees and will only pay us upon debt collection in pre-court procedures.

Collecting debt in China can be simpler than you think if done right. Give Eilat Law a call for a free initial consultation, in which we will assess your case and figure out the best path going forward!

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