Debt collection in Brazil

Your client from Brazil does not pay? Leave the problem to us and sit back!
Debt collection in Brazil

Collection of debt in Brazil can prove to be a difficult task. Cultural and language barriers, foreign legislation and customs, and long-distance all impose significant challenges. All that  changes when you use an international law firm  experienced with local laws and customs like Isaac Eilat Law Offices.

Isaac Eilat Law Offices – Debt collection in Brazil without risk

Established in 1985, Isaac Eilat Law Offices specializes in all aspects of Private International Law. We provide clients rapid and reliable assistance and solutions to overcome their legal issues overseas.

We serve as a trustworthy international debt collection law firm helping individuals and companies  speedily collect unpaid accounts in Brazil. With vast knowledge on debt collection in Brazilian  industries, we collect your debts rapidly and effectively, returning to you  the money you’re owed  fast and at no upfront costs. You have no risk!. 

With deep connections stretching over decades in most  countries around the world, including Brazil, working with Isaac Eilat gets you access to a worldwide network of debt collectors. Our in-depth experience and understanding of local customs, laws, and cultures ensure optimal debt-collection results. We have on-the-ground representatives in Brazil who know their way through local debt collection practices and work to support the complete recovery of your funds. They know on which buttons to push!

Why Us For Debt Collection In Brazil? The Benefits of  Isaac Eilat Law Offices:

  1. “No Collection – No Fee”!

Due to our long-standing relationships with our overseas partners, we’ve been able to reach agreements that let us offer our services on a” no collection- no fee” basis. That means we charge the agreed rate only when funds are successfully recovered! No fees up front.

  1. Local Connections and Experience

All cases we take  in Brazil on are handled by local partners under our close observation. They’re able to communicate in the debtors’ own language, in this case Portuguese, and understand the local legal processes and culture.

  1. Coverage in Brazil

Our office covers all 26 states in Brazil, as well as the federal district.

  1. Long-Term Relationship

Our goal is to maintain long-term cooperation with our clients. Instead of focusing on immediate remuneration, we want to build a solid, long-term relationship that’s based on trust & ongoing success. We offer initial consultations free of charge.

Collecting your debt in Brazil is possible with the right tools and experience, which we fortunately have. Contact us today for a  free consultation, and let’s get started!.

Contact us today and your debtor will hear from our representative in his country TOMORROW!
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